Body Work

Body WrapsAromatherapy Wrap
Warm cloth wraps are soaked with DoTerra essential oils to help revive or relax your senses. Finished with a hydrating massage.

Seaweed Mud Wrap
Detoxifies and purifies pores and increases lymphatic flow. Application of seaweed mud, wrapped in warm cloth wraps and finished with a hydrating massage.

Luxurious Wrap
Begins with a full body exfoliation, followed with detoxifying seaweed mud and cloth wraps soaked in DoTERRA essential oil, and finished with a hydrating massage.

Our Services

Holistic treatment involving the stimulation of the reflexes on the feet and/or hands by applying pressure in order to promote the natural balance and revitalization of the body as a whole.
30 minutes $50

60 minutes $75

Foot Detox
Extracts toxins from the body through the pores of the feet, and rebalances your body's bioenergy. The body is left feeling renewed and rebalanced with more clarity.
Single Detox $35

Detox Package of 3 $90

Ear Candling
Alleviate pain and hearing difficulties with this centuries old historic treatment. Removes toxins and wax build up, relieving the pressure often associated with ear infections and sinus problems.
30 minutes $40