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Body Systems is ideal for eliminating cellulite and redefining your body. The treatment helps to solve problems, which is often not only aesthetic: but can lead to serious problems of excess weight. This treatment is a body shaping treatment using the science of targeted light energy and muscle contraction. Certain light rays deeply penetrate the body tissues in a localized area to decrease inflamed adipose tissue; known as cellulite. This creates a smoother, healthier, and reshaped area.

The property of infrared rays has always been very well known and used in the medical field; the application in the aesthetic field for the treatment of localized fatty tissue and cellulites, it is absolutely innovative and guarantees wonderful results without any side effects. The infrared pads are used to liquefy and eliminate unwanted hardened fatty deposits. Body Systems uses infrared rays that are so effective because of the concentration of energy-heat on the single area improves the blood flow and a quicker combustion of the excess of fat. Primary effect: Reduction of the fat mass and increasing of the basal metabolism.

Q: How often can a Treatment be Performed?

A: Body Systems can only be done every other day.

Benefits of Body System:

• Reduction of superficial and deep cellulite
• Reduction of fat mass
• Re-defining body shape
• Muscle toning
• Tissue firming
• Inch loss
• Increased metabolism
• Better circulation
• Enhanced elimination of the body’s toxins and extracellular fluids
• Quick and long lasting results
• Visible results in less than 30 minutes

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