Isogei (I•so•j)

A procedure in which the muscles are stimulated with a delicate isometric exercise, which lifts the tissue. This method torques the muscle without consuming any energy from surrounding fat reserves. The muscle gains lift without reducing size which is helpful for lifting breasts and buttocks. This treatment can be received every day.

Q: How Does It Work?

A: It works by using what is known as isometric contractions on the muscles. This means that tension is applied to the muscle without changing its length, and so this effectively increases its strength and elasticity. Each Isogei treatment increases muscular strength by about 5% - even after just 1 session. Isometric movement is resistant exercise, so it would be useful to use the Isogei in any capacity that requires rehabilitation of the muscle. Non-surgical lifting is visible after the very first treatment.

Q: What Does Isogei Feel Like?

A: At first a slight tingling, then a tensing of the muscle. Isogei uses isometric muscle contractions to exercise the muscles. This method tenses and strengthens the muscle. With this treatment, the muscle returns to its natural lifted form. Tissues attached to the muscle (i.e. face, breast, buttocks, under arms, etc.) will also be lifted, recreating a youthful appearance.

Q: Where Can Isogei Be Used?

A: The Isogei treatment is most frequently used on the face and neck, but it is also a popular treatment for strengthening and lifting breast muscles, bottom muscles, tightening that inner leg wobble and redefining arm, pectoral and stomach muscles.

Q: Are The Results Of Isogei Permanent?

A: The effects of Isogei can be maintained easily once the muscle memory has been obtained. Once memory is achieved, the results will remain by simply completing an additional Isogei session once or twice a month after reaching your goals.

Q: Are There Any Reasons Why I Could Not Have Isogei Performed?

A: Some conditions may need to be addressed with your doctor first, but most don't exclude you from receiving treatments. Isogei may not be performed in any area with implants or metal pins.

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Benefits Of Isogei Include:

  • Redefinition of the jaw line
  • Tightening of the neck muscles
  • Improvement of the ‘double chin’ or ‘goose neck’
  • Redefinition of the cheekbones
  • Tightening of the eye muscles
  • Improvement of the bags under eyes
  • A higher, lifted eyebrow
  • Improvement of the skin tone
  • An overall improvement & a more youthful looking face
  • Breast and Buttock Lifting
  • Toned and defined Abdomen and Obelisks

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