Transion (Tran•see•on)

The Transion treatment gives you quick and easy results without having to go to the gym. This treatment creates a rapid isotonic muscle movement via an electrical stimulation - strong enough to tighten and firm without tearing and causing soreness. No energy is supplied to the muscle and must therefore draw from the body's fat store to perform the task. This treatment can be received three times per week.

Q: How Does It Work?

A: Transion combines two precisely stimulated muscle movements. These movements produce inch loss, weight loss and toning of targeted muscle groups. The muscle contracts at maximum intensity without injury or soreness providing rapid results. The isotonic movement is a shortening and lengthening of the muscle which creates tone in the muscle as well as increases your metabolism. The tortion movement slightly torques the muscle expelling the extra cellular fluid which may contain waste and toxins. Retained fluid and toxins are forced back into the system with a unique tortion movement. Inch loss is noticeable immediately following the first treatment.

Q: How Does A Transion Session Feel?

A: You will feel a slight tingling, then a comfortable contraction of the muscle. There is no strain on the bones, joints or heart. The movements of Transion do not tear any muscle fibers, so you will not experience any soreness; you simply lay back and let Transion do the work for you!

Q: Where Can I Do This Treatment?

A: On any skeletal muscle. Although, there are a few contraindications… such as nursing mothers, persons with pacemakers, or those under the age of 18.

Q: When Can I Do These Treatments?

A:This is an every other day treatment due to the expelling of waste and toxins from the tortion movement. We can combine Transion on the face and body in same day due to the small area of muscles in the face.

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Benefits Of Transion:

  • General and localized slimming
  • Body reshaping and contouring
  • Elimination of fluid retention
  • Tissue firming and regeneration
  • Immediate inch loss
  • Muscle toning and tightening
  • Improved circulation

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